Schneider Electric – 33kv cable installation in Weymouth.

Works are carrying out excavations to re-route existing 33kv supply. Works include clearing a section of  densely overgrown vegetation under the guidance of a Eco Consultant due to the presence of Japanese knotweed and other invasive plant species prior to excavations to re-route existing 33kv supply.
The civil engineering works involve;

  • carrying out open cut excavations in carriageway to form a new cable route encompassing duct laying and trefoil cable installation.
  • Formation of cable jointing pits to allow connection to existing supply and terminations as required.
  • Removal of damaged section of existing security brickwork wall and rebuilding following cable enabling works.
  • Excavations works in carriageway to allow for the removal of redundant duct work and cables, and carry out the required reinstatements to carriageways.

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