Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

JCM Groundworks is built on a strong set of ethical values and is driven by the need to make things better. In today’s fast-moving and increasingly unpredictable business environment, the need for ethical, socially responsible and sustainable practices has never been so critical. However, our approach to corporate responsibility goes beyond looking at improvements to our business operational practices and financial performance. Our aim is to integrate our CSR values as part of ‘business as usual’ in the way we work and in everything we do.

It’s what drives us forward as a business, helping us to make informed decisions on a daily basis that have effected positive change on an economic, social and environmental level.

Complying with the law and ethical standards to reduce the harmful impact of our operations is the absolute minimum and we are always looking at ways in which we can operate in a more environmentally responsible way.

As part of our continued commitment to acting responsibly we also carefully manage local environmental issues such as resource consumption, waste, energy consumption, emissions to air, water, land and noise.

The wellbeing of everyone connected to JCM Groundworks is central to the success of our business. We pride ourselves on forging strong working relationships with all our employees, contractors, customers and suppliers. We are always open, honest and ethical in all of our working practices and we endeavour to ensure that any work we undertake is done with the utmost care and consideration for the local community.

We actively use local material suppliers (where possible), we recruit subcontractors local to the area of works and in doing so, we believe we can have a direct impact on the success of the local community, creating jobs and supporting small business.

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